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Game and Tuscan specialties

Osteria 33 restaurant features Florentine steaks in Arezzo and delicious dishes in a refined and timeless atmosphere. Florentine steaks are for sure one of the most popular and ordered dishes from Tuscany. A delicacy that the whole world is jealous of, but must meet some specific quality standards. First of all the meat must be carefully selected with great care and fulfil specific flavour and taste criteria. Osteria 33 counts on some refined meat suppliers, who are able to offer ecstatic experiences to meat and Florentine steak lovers. The defrosting and cooking process are very important as well: the meat must be defrosted many hours before, in order not to change its flavour. The cooking time depends on the clients, who have to decide if they want it rare, medium or well done. The clients’ requests are very important and fulfilled in order to serve what their palate is really expecting. Also the side dishes are prepared with great care, in order to enhance the meat flavour. Generally speaking, Florentine steak lovers will not be disappointed!

In addition to featuring the Florentine steak in Arezzo, Osteria 33 features also many traditional Tuscan dishes. They are traditional recipes revisited in a modern way: no dramatic changes, no worries, but the traditional classic recipes are given the touch of a wise chef. Original and completely new interpretations, prepared after many tries and analyses. Nothing is left to chance at Osteria 33, every element is taken care of to offer the best food and wine experience ever.

The cuisine is genuine and includes fresh and local ingredients: therefore the menu changes according to their availability. No frozen food, but only genuine ingredients that come from the best farms in the area. The secret of the success of any dish lies in the careful selection of the ingredients. If you want to achieve a final and special result, you need to select fresh, good and genuine ingredients with great care. Osteria 33 features the flavours of the past, the grandmother’s recipes together with the chef’s new ideas: unique dishes that cannot be tasted anywhere else. A continuous research among game, local beef, special sauces and desserts that are ready to be discovered. It is a true wine and food experience, which fascinates for its variety and originality and opens the barriers of flavour and taste. An excellent wine list accompanies the food menu: bottles from many top quality wineries, which are the perfect match with any dish.

Osteria 33 was established by two young and passionate food lovers and its target is food and conviviality lovers. Conviviality is very important, because food is considered a way to socialize; a meeting point where people have a seat, relax, have fun and enjoy good food. The owners and the team try their best to create a cheerful and carefree atmosphere, like it was in the taverns of the past. For all these reasons at “Osteria 33” there is no cover charge but every service is for free.